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For today's construction firms, running effective and cost efficient CAD departments can be a real challenge.  Outsourcing with J & M Drafting Services, Inc.  is the ideal way to meet that challenge. We are a complete CAD services company, staffed by experienced professionals with a strong background in Architectural Drafting and CAD. We reduce your administrative burden, while increasing your control over drawing management. We have the expertise to meet your most demanding CAD challenges at a very affordable price.


New Home Plan Designing

Whether you're a Builder, Developer or Home Owner, J & M Drafting Services, Inc. will start the process with your ideas or our imagination and work with you throughout the entire process to insure you receive exactly what you desire in your new home. Once you have a plan on file with us, future adjustments to the same plan can be completed quickly, easily and at a very competitive hourly rate.


Drawing Conversion

There are an increasing number of companies identifying the benefits of switching to SoftPlan.   Converting paper drawings to structured and detailed SoftPlan files yields many enormous tangible benefits. If you have ever entertained a thought that dedicating your entire internal resources would be cost prohibited, J & M Drafting Services, Inc. has resolved this concern and you to enjoy the benefits.  Using the SoftPlan conversion approach, we take your existing CAD or paper drawings and convert them to the new SoftPlan format.   We do accurate manual conversions, according to plan specification. They are accurate paper to SoftPlan conversion drawings according to the plan dimensions.  


3D Rendering and Visualization

J & M Drafting Services, Inc. offers a turnkey process.   In today's highly competitive market, it is necessary to stay ahead of the competition and to catch your potential customer's eye with products that keep focused attention on your company; our Colored Photo Realistic 3D renderings are an excellent  tool to accomplish just that. Produced within SoftPlan, these exciting tools are being utilized in varying medias such as billboards, sales brochures, posters and websites.      


For more information on how we might partner to make your business even more successful, contact us at info@jmdrafting.com

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